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You may cook your Kung Pao Chicken at Home:

Materials: Breast Chicken 8 Oz
Co-Materials: Red and Green Pepper Bell 2 Oz each cut in square size, Zucchini Squash 2 Oz, Onion 1 Oz, Celery 1 Oz, Water Chestnuts 1 Oz, and Hot Pepper ½ Oz. Peanut 1 Oz.
Other Materials: Rice Starch 1 oz, Sugar ¼ oz, Soybean Sauce ¼ Oz, Salt 5 gram, Ginger 5 gram, Garlic ¼ Oz, Cooking Wine ¼ Oz. Cooking Corn Oil ¼ Oz. and Dried hot Pepper ¼ Oz.


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