King Yin Café history and overview

King Yin Café is one of the landmark businesses in Lodi city. It is the very first Chinese restaurant found in town by a Chinese immigrant family in early 1921. Within the inherent family tree, the operation and the name of King Yin Café have been kept by family members. New owners of King Yin Café made efforts to renew the building. During the year of 2008 through 2013 the building and the business have been innovated and reorganized, while the atmosphere of business and the original dining style are well maintained.

After a few stages of preparations the historical beauty of King Yin Café has been resumed. King Yin Café opened again on March 8, 2014

Mission Statement

To provide a homey, clean, bright and comfortable dinning environment for customers; and to provide nutritious, delicious, and healthy food with outstanding customer services.

King Yin Café guarantees its service

Our goal is to provide great service with clean environment for our customers. Our kitchen is spotless, and our food making process is strictly directed by healthy instructions with above and beyond high standard of food making process. For all dine-in customers: If you find our food or service unsatisfactory, your meal is on the house.

Our trusty and friendly staff

Andy Huang, partner of King Yin Group and co-founder of King Yin Café. Andy Huang is an entrepreneur of many aspects in business. He has been in business of Hotel Management, Traveling/Touring, Transportation, News, Advertising, Magazine Publication, and Marketing since the early 90’s.

Damon Wang, partner of King Yin Group and co-founder of King Yin Café. Damon Wang has been in food business since early 90’s. Prior to this business, he had been an outstanding math teacher at high school.

Daniel Chao, active partner and managing director, co-founder of King Yin Café.

Stephanie Liang, active partner and operation manager, co-founder of King Yin Café.

Managing Director:
Daniel Chao, partner of King Yin Group and co-founder of King Yin Café. Daniel Chao is an MBA mentor and professor of business management at University of Phoenix. He is now teaching business management classes at Heald College.

Operation Manager:
Stephanie Liang, major operating partner of business, she has been in customer service area for over 20 years; prior to this position, she was a mid-wife since the early 80’s when she was in China.

Chief Chef:
Liang Guo Bin – 25 Years of restaurant cooking experience
Eric Liang – 28 years of restaurant food handling and cooking experience
Huang Jing Zhong – Over 10 years of restaurant cooking experience
Li Ping – Over 10 years of restaurant cooking experience

Head Waiter and Waitress:
Jessica Huang – Over 10 years of customer service in restaurant business

Part-time Waiter and Waitress:
Lucia Chao – Microbiology Major, UCD graduate
Cornelia Chao – DVC Student, Customer Service Specialist
Karen Ma – Prospective Harvard University Candidate
Wendy Liao – Over 15 years of Hotel and Restaurant food service experience
Eva Liang – Pharmacist, PhD, UCB graduate
Stephanie Liang – Operation Manager
Daniel Chao – Professor, MBA mentor

Food Processing/Cooking Engineer and Nutrition Advisor:
Cao Hua – Chemist and senior biology engineer
Xu Suzhen – Senior food processing advisor
Eric Liang – Food processing and preparation advisor
Tiffany Cao – Food preparation Advisor
Li Ming – Nutritionist, food advisor
Alice Cao – Registered Nurse, Nutritionist, food advisor

Thank you List:
We would like to thank the following parties who had offered helps, suggestions, advisors and contributed either manual efforts or business wisdom to establish King Yin Café’s return to its glory history:

(In no particular order:)

  • Chen Li Ying
    Wu Shen Shen
    May S.M. Deng
    Rico Cheng
    Lucia Chao
    Emily Cheng
    Jimmy Ma
    Elis Ma
    Tiffany Cao
    May Ying Deng
  • Gordon Xu
    De Rong Liang
    Ken Liu
    Cindy Liu
    Cornelia Chao
    Yvonne Zhou
    Wendy Mai
    Winnie Shen
    Peng Jianhong
    Gary Ou
  • Vicky Su
    Li Jing Yuen
    Yuki C Huang
    Liang G Xiong
    Zhongwen Huang
    Tan Jie Er
    Rose Huang
    Irvin Chao
    Maggie Wu
    Clayton Huang
  • Anna Chi
    Raymond Lau
    Education Department of USA
    Building Dept. City of Lodi, CA
    Culinary Institute of China
    Fire Dept. City of Lodi, CA
    Health Dpt. San Joaquin County Arrow Sign Company
    Chinese Chess Association
    Education Department of China

King Yin Café History and Photos:

Original Sign of King Yin Café
since 1921

Today's King Yin Café

According Lodi News Sentinel, King Yin Café is the one of the following oldest restaurant triumphed:
Harry's Drive-in (Billie's), King Yin Café, Hotel Lodi, Mary Williams' Star Restaurant
(Source: Ralph Lea, Lodi historian and photos kept at Hollywood Café)

Our Place Today

Bright and Clean Dining Hall

Well Organized Inventory in Stock Room

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Spotless Counter

Clearly Labeled Samples in Food Process Lab

Varies Types of Tea and Coffee Serving Station